Reviewing Public Guardianship Services

A questionnaire framework for people with an appointed public guardian
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This research project proposes to clarify the quality and functionality of public guardianship services. In this context, we are collecting experiences and information on the implementation of guardianship services. In addition, we analyse the regional differences that may arise from the data. The results of this study shall be used to develop public guardianship.

This survey is aimed at over 18-year-old individuals under a public guardianship. Please respond to the survey by 28.2.2024. Responding to the survey should take about 10 minutes. Please be aware that responding to the survey is completely voluntary.

The answers are processed anonymously, which eliminates the possibility of identifying individual respondents. The survey answers will not be aligned with registered data, nor will the answers be turned over to authorities. Responding to the survey will not impact the services nor benefits the respondent is receiving in any way.

This research project is a part of the Government’s analysis, assessment, and research activities, and it has been commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office. Research is conducted by Owal Group Oy in cooperation with the Centre of Law and Welfare at the University of Eastern Finland. Find more information about the research project here (in Finnish). 

Privacy notice for the research (in Finnish)

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We are more than happy to provide more details regarding the survey:

Minna Mayer
Manager, Owal Group Oy
p. 040 709 6898

Henna Nikumaa              
Researcher of Elder Law,
University of Eastern Finland
p. 040 58 121 51
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