Residents’ Survey on the Development of Right-of-Occupancy Housing

Welcome to this survey on right-of-occupancy housing! The survey allows you the chance to contribute to the development of your housing situation and participate in a prize draw for gift cards.

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This survey is intended for right-of-occupancy residents. The survey is part of an assessment project funded by Ara, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, focusing on the current situation and importance of right-of-occupancy housing in terms of the housing market. The assessment looks at the functionality, relevance, and development needs of right-of-occupancy housing particularly from the perspective of the residents. The information produced through the assessment will be used to develop right-of-occupancy housing further and to support decision-making.

Note. Under the current Government Programme, the State will not finance the construction of new right-of-occupancy apartments after 2025. This change will not affect the existing housing stock or impact current residents.

Please respond to the survey by 30.6.2024.

Responding to the survey will take approximately 10–15 minutes. Your participation is completely voluntary, and you can stop the survey at any time. Your responses will be handled confidentially, and individual respondents cannot be identified in any reports based on the data provided. The respondent's background information is only used as a background variable to support the analysis. We ask that only a single set of answers is provided for each apartment. All respondents who provide their contact information will be entered into a prize draw for ten €20 gift cards for S-Group or Kesko stores. The contact information will only be used for the prize draw and cannot be linked with any responses provided for the survey.

The survey responses are handled exclusively by Owal Group Oy. The responses do not contain identifiable personal data and do not form a personal data register. The property owners have distributed the survey to their residents using their available contact information. The residents’ contact information has not been disclosed to third parties.

Thank you in advance!

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